Category: Research at GEC

17 October 202317 October 2023

Medicinal Fynbos Research

The Vuyo Lab, based at Stellenbosch University, is named after its founder, Dr. Vuyo Mavumengwana who is a biochemist passionate about using natural products to fight disease. He believes that the plants, bacteria and fungi of the Fynbos ecosystem have the potential to yield new and effective drugs for diseases like breast cancer, brain cancer...

22 September 202317 October 2023

Nectar Landscapes Project

The honeybee has been introduced to ecosystems on every continent except Antarctica for pollination and honey production. It is well known that honeybees have the potential to compete with native wild pollinators for food. Within the Western Cape, beekeepers are often prevented from placing hives within National Parks due to concern over competition with wild pollinators, however...

22 September 202322 September 2023

Lichen Survey Project

Lichens are classically recognized as a symbiotic association between a fungus and algae and/or cyanobacterium. However, recent research shows even more constituents in this community, including bacteria, yeasts and other micro-organisms. Lichens play important roles in ecosystems, such as serving as a food source and nesting material for animals. Lichens lack root systems, taking their...