Employment and enterprise development programmes, including organic farming, artisanal skills and ecotourism initiatives for sustainable livelihoods.

Siyakhula is our benchmark enterprise development and entrepreneurship programme. Many of the projects within this programme also have a dual focus on food security. Siyakhula, an isiXhosa word meaning ‘It is growing’, has evolved from our first agricultural training project which taught farming, beekeeping and animal husbandry skills into a more comprehensive and far reaching career and employability-driven enterprise creation initiative.


The Grootbos Foundation has joined forces with Early Childhood Development centres in Masakhane to assist in implementing key governance and administration practices to enable them to register with the Department of Social Development. The Foundation identifies the need to help and support working parents with safe, fun, educational child care options.


This project provides skills training workshops to empower young people to become more employable, self-confident and positive about life. Through career and employability workshops, school students learn more about their individual aptitudes and strengths, as well as about different study fields and career options.

The project also offers workplace experience, internships and courses. A select group of budding young entrepreneurs go on to complete a business development programme focused on small enterprises and entrepreneurship. Successful small business presentations receive seed funding and mentorship to help start or expand their small businesses.


The Masakhane Co-operative Farm aims to address food security and healthy nutrition in the greater Gansbaai community by serving as an agricultural support hub. The co-operative is self-managing.

It serves as a farming space for community members with the aim of self-sustainability and as a support on a path to sustainable livelihoods. Each farmer grows fresh produce for their own consumption, or to sell for their own profit. Much of their produce is bought by the Grootbos soup kitchen which operates from the Masakhane Hub to address the needs of the community as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic.