Take root this Spring 2022

Help us restore and maintain an ancient forest

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Take root this Spring 2022


Campaign Target



R50000 to go

Help us to rehabilitate and restore ancient forests within the fynbos landscape. R250 will enable our Green Futures team to plant a tree as part of the landscape rehabilitation programme.

R50’000 will help us restore and maintain ancient forest edges eroded by past human and farming activities. It will sponsor a team of 10 women for 1 month of alien vegetation clearing and it will enable the Green Futures Nursery team to propagate the indigenous seedlings and saplings for this restoration programme. Our Earth Rangers children will participate in a day of getting their hands dirty as they plant trees.

Change will take root in the landscape; change will take root in the minds of children as they learn about conservation; change will take root in the Alien Vegetation Clearing teams as they learn that we can all be a part of growing a greener economy.