Call of the Wildlife 2022

Help us conserve the home of these wild animals.

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Call of the Wildlife 2022


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The Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is a founding member of the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy, a group of 48 conservation-minded landowners with vastly different backgrounds, all completely committed to conserving the beauty of the natural wilds in this unique part of the world. This biodiversity hotspot is characterised by the fauna and flora that inhabit this unique corner of the Cape Floral Kingdom. The Green Futures Conservation Unit is conducting a wildlife survey to survey the true scope and variety of animals in the region, and to monitor and track them as they go about their lives alongside humans, living in harmony.

Our Call of the Wildlife survey respects the elusive nature of many of the special animals that live in the region, and uses camera traps to monitor movement and species diversity. Camera traps are the most non-invasive way to observe wild animals in their natural habitat without endangering or harming them in any way..

Our data helps us to map the home ranges of animals, and inform our decisions within the Conservancy. Our data is shared with other Conservation Organizations to ensure greater collaboration and impact. Wildlife was here first. We marvel at its beauty. 

Do you hear the call of the Wildlife?