The Grootbos Foundation – 15 Year Review

The Grootbos Foundation – 15 Year Review

Impact Report: Grootbos Foundation

Grootbos is exceptionally proud of the community and conservation work which has been carried out since 2003. The Grootbos Foundation has widened the impact of Grootbos, beyond the scope of being a tourism facility.

Coventry University is an independent and unbiased organisation, that we have contracted as an external moderator to measure the impact of the first fifteen years of impact of Grootbos Foundation.

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PHD Thesis: A critical examination of the ‘green economy’ concept as a vehicle for inclusion: a qualitative case study of the Agulhas Plain, South Africa, Daniel Basubas

Daniel Basusbas is a social scientist who conducted his PhD research in the Overberg in 2019. His final thesis was submitted in 2023. A sizable portion of the research focused on the Green Futures College and the final thesis painted a positive picture of the Green Futures College.

Click here to read the report.

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