Raising funds for Grootbos Foundation by bike

Raising funds for Grootbos Foundation by bike


TWWR Year 1 in 2020

Ian Privett of Globalcyclingtours.com along with Mark Lawson of CycletheCape.com in Cape Town have joined forces to undertake an unsupported cycle adventure, The Whole Way Round, criss-crossing the Western Cape by bicycle over 30 days to raise much needed funds for Covid19 Relief Programmes provided by Grootbos Foundation. Covering nearly 6’000km, a distance much further than crossing the continental U.S.A, it will involve more climbing than going up Mount Everest 7 times! They need your help.

Ian and Mark request sponsorship to achieve their goal of raising R100’000 for the people of the Overberg, Western Cape who have been devastated by Covid19. Since the start of the Covid19 Pandemic the Grootbos Foundation has provided over 178’000 free daily meals, 11’700 free washable cloth masks, 4,890 free PPE packs for local schools and much more in order to help vulnerable communities rebuild. As little as R5 can provide a meal, PPE, digital access to learning or essential support to micro-entrepreneurs to help families in the Overberg rebuild a more resilient future. R250 feeds a family of four for a week! EVERY Rand counts; EVERY Rand makes a difference.

Why not sponsor Ian and Mark for each kilometre or each day of their epic adventure as they ride bikes around the beautiful South African countryside, or sponsor your favourite leg of their journey. Join them, ride your bike in solidarity, support them, follow them and be a part of their epic adventure as they hit the open road to bring together a love of cycling, South Africa and adventure to do good for the communities served by the Grootbos Foundation.

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Meet Ian Privett – adventure junkie

Ian is a committed sort of guy. If he sets his mind to something, he does his best to accomplish the task at hand. A bit of a dreamer with the drive necessary to turn dreams into reality, Ian is passionate about all things cycling and loves to share his passion with others.He is the owner of Global Cycling Tours and arranges cycling tours for friends and guests traveling to and from exotic places. He has a positive outlook on life and a desire to enable the upliftment of others.

(GF) What are you most looking forward to on TWWR?

Ian: In a nutshell, I am most looking forward to sharing an incredible adventure with a good friend and doing it for a worthy cause. Be it laughing together or encouraging each other through difficult times along the way, it’s so much easier to achieve goals when you are in it together. Exploring and viewing the different vistas and terrain of our beautiful country at bicycle pace is simply my favourite thing. Little compares to the freedom of riding a bicycle on seemingly endless roads, to faraway destinations. When I finally get there, there is always somewhere else to go. 

(GF) What is your favourite on-the-go meal? Ian: Pizza with everything on it and chocolate mousse. While cycling, I love snack bars and anything with loads of calories.

*GF note: Chocolate mousse on pizza? Is that authentically South African?

Visit our website to read more about Ian’s interview

Meet Mark Lawson – downhill daredevil

Discovering a market for cycling whilst on honeymoon in 2007, and being a man of action, Mark moved quickly to showcase this incredibly scenic country with its diverse cultures, history and cuisine. With his passion for cycling and history, becoming a guide was a natural progression and CycletheCape.com was founded. Mark has always wanted to help others, and to physically challenge himself for the greater good. Marathons, Extreme Trails and Long Rides are past examples of his formidable drive and perseverance. TWWR will be his most challenging and important ride yet…

(GF) What’s in the toiletry bag?

Mark: Roll-on deodorant – a strong smelling one so that Ian and I remain friends, a small tube of toothpaste and brush, a bar of soap wrapped in microfibre towel, Factor 50 suncream (the spray version for weight saving) and wet wipes.

(GF) What’s your TWWR Theme tune?

Mark: I’m always a sucker for 80s music (my favourite decade) so Starship’s ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’ is my theme tune for this epic adventure. It’s very uplifting and cheesy. There is nothing wrong with a bit of cheese!

Visit our website to read more about Mark’s interview


The Route in 2020

Click here to see a live map of the route

TWWR Go Time: 12 September 2020

Go time is booked for 12 September! Follow the event on Facebook for updates as Ian and Mark plan an epic ride in truly epic times.

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The Route in 2021
The (full) Whole Way Round

The initial idea in 2020 was to circumnavigate South Africa and ride The Whole Way Round. After careful consideration, a decision was made to follow Plan B – a route which keeps within the Western Cape provincial borders. Although provincial borders have recently been opened for travel in Level 2 of Lockdown, the risk of borders being closed again due to a fluctuating Coronavirus infection rate is great, and the need for Covid Relief is immediate. Ian and Mark felt that their cycle adventure could make a meaningful difference right now and decided against delaying their departure date from 12 September 2020. Following Plan B enables them to make an immediate impact now while it is most needed by vulnerable communities, while also developing a network of friends, followers and fellow adventurers so that Ian and Mark are ready to take on The (full) Whole Way Round in 2021!Grootbos Foundation in the Future2020 is an incredibly challenging for the Grootbos Foundation as we dig deep to mix passion, creativity, resilience and hope to continue to deliver our goals. At least 50% of our income relies on tourism, on our partners at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve and on the generosity of their guests. This income stream has been devastated by COVID 19 and the measures taken around the world to flatten the curve so that health care systems can cope and lives can be saved. The Grootbos Foundation faces the stark reality that 50% of the income needed to deliver programmes to 11 556 vulnerable individuals each year has dried up until the world starts to travel again. Now is the time to be creative and brave, thinking on our feet or on the saddle, as we continue to serve the most vulnerable people in our communities.

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