Serving and protecting our communities during the Covid19 Pandemic

Serving and protecting our communities during the Covid19 Pandemic

The Grootbos Foundation puts communities and conservation at the centre of all of our programmes. The Covid 19 Pandemic forced us to rethink how to best serve and care for the individual people in our community during the various levels of National Lockdown, keeping in mind basic human needs of food security, health, safety, access to education and information, and respect. Daily meals for whole families, Personal Protection Equipment for all, Educational support for children without home access to the internet, Health Support for Football Foundation children, and School Support as grades return to local schools have become the programme focus since  the start of lockdown in South Africa.  We continue to look ahead to a time when our communities enter a period of rebuilding and to this purpose, the Grootbos Foundation remains dedicated to resuming our programmes which focus on the upliftment of all in sustainable ways that contribute to a legacy of meaningful conservation.

Read our latest newsletter for more information: June 2020

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