Join Our Team

We need you, and would love to for you to join our team, whether by assisting the coaches on the pitch or doing administrative work in the office, working on our farm or nursery.

Our most popular programme is the Football Foundation sports outreach project. We also welcome volunteers for our Organic Growing the Futures Farm or Green Futures, our Indigenous Nursery and Horticulture and Life Skills College.
The central role of an intern or volunteer in the Football Foundation is to help increase participation in different sports, and to address issues of health, crime and social inclusion, often working with organisations such as health boards, schools, sports governing bodies and regeneration initiatives.

Our programme is ideal for foreign students, or young professionals who want to take a gap year and combine travel with a meaningful contribution to a local community. Bettering the lives of the children of the Gansbaai and Hermanus community is a deeply rewarding experience!
The volunteering programme is based in Gansbaai. Volunteers may choose to focus on office and administration work, financial planning, reporting, marketing and fundraising; planning and implementing educational programmes; hands-on coaching work with children and young adults; or getting your hands dirty through horticulture or agriculture. We make sure that schedules give you time off on certain weekends and provide you with enough time to travel and see the sights of this beautiful country, South Africa.

Our offices are located on the 5-Star Grootbos Private Nature Reserve with beautiful panoramic views of Walker Bay. For volunteer accommodation rates or to get involved download and complete our application form below or email


Our flagship Football Foundation sports programme in Gansbaai showcases how sport can be a powerful socially transformative vehicle aimed at upliftment and integration in a rural community.

In Gansbaai, Stanford and Hermanus we train various age groups between ages 6-19 years in soccer, hockey, netball and athletics, Monday – Friday from 14:00 to 18:00 all year round (except for a short break from mid December – mid January). We reach from 100 – 400 children on a daily basis through our sports and education activities. Our team includes experienced full-time resident coaches in most sports, along with volunteers who add their expertise and enthusiasm.

We take as much pride in our educational programme as we do in our sports project. We regularly host speakers from various organisations to join us for key lessons on pertinent issues such as AIDS/HIV, personal hygiene, substance abuse, etc. In addition we (coaches and volunteers) prepare our own educational lessons; volunteers are usually very creative and use a good mixture of technology, audio-visuals and music to host interesting lessons about their home countries, the sports they coach, etc. We also encourage the children as well as volunteers to speak as much English as possible.

Coaches and volunteers are positive role models and mentors in a safe environment.

The benefits for children are:
a) Having fun whilst discipline and respect is cultivated
b) Being protected from engaging in dangerous/ risky activities in the streets
c) Being transported to a different world where children are protected from potentially dangerous home situations


For volunteer accommodation rates or to get involved download and complete our application form below or email

If you live in our area and have time and skills you would like to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact us. There are many ways you can assist us, and we welcome day and part time volunteers from Hermanus, Stanford, Gansbaai and surrounds.